Jenna Jameson Strikes a Pose in Red One-Piece Bathing Suit After Announcing She's Back on Keto squib

Jenna Jameson is feeling red hot.

The 45-year-old former adult film star gave off serious Pamela Anderson/Baywatch vibes on Instagram this week, posing in a solid red one-piece bathing suit in a post for her half a million Instagram followers.

In the photo, Jameson accessorized her look with simple gold hoop earrings, red bead ankle bracelet and had her long blonde locks styled in beach waves.

“Here’s my first #keto menu for my fellow people that are on this journey with me!” the mother of three wrote ahead of a list of her recommended menu of Keto meals.

Jameson had previously lost around 80 lbs. after beginning the Keto diet in March 2018 following the birth of her daughter Batel Lu (Jameson is also mom to 10-year-old twin sons Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette).

She took a brief break from Keto in December, putting on 20 lbs. while living what she called “my best carby life.” Earlier this month, she vowed to rededicate herself to Keto, hoping to drop 30 lbs. from her current weight of 153 lbs.

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Here’s my first #keto menu for my fellow people that are on this journey with me! 1 cup of coffee with stevia and a splash of sugar free coffee mate. Breakfast- Two eggs, Cholula garlic hot sauce and arugula wrapped in Parmesan Folios cheese wraps (purchased at Costco) Lunch- sautéed zucchini noodles (ceecees veggie company noodles) bought at Whole Foods. I just pan fry them in a touch of butter with salt and pepper and they are so satisfying! Dinner- Korean beef bowl. I sautéed cauliflower rice in a pan and then in a separate pan I fry up hamburger then add crushed ginger, coconut aminos,garlic and sesame oil. I top the cauliflower rice with the hamburger blend and then sprinkle green onion… and joila! It’s so hearty and filling! #ketorecipes #ketoweightloss #ketotransformation #ketodiet #weightlossjourney #weightloss #ketolife

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So how did the mom do with her first day of eating? Quite well, by Keto standards.

As Jameson wrote on Instagram, she began her day with a cup of coffee, Stevia and a splash of sugar-free coffee mate.

For breakfast, she chowed down on two eggs and arugula wrapped in parmesan cheese wraps, which she seasoned with Cholula garlic hot sauce. She then went with sautéed zucchini noodles for lunch, which she pan-fried in a touch of butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

As for dinner, Jameson made her own Korean beef bowl with sautéed cauliflower rice, pan-fried hamburger meat, crushed ginger, coconut aminos, garlic, green onion and sesame oil. “It’s so hearty and filling,” Jameson wrote of the dish.

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Here’s my jumping off point back into #keto I’m 153 pounds ?? I went shopping this morning at Trader Joe’s (I’m in LA for a few days) I got my trusty arugula salad, garlic spread, sliced pastrami, Persian cucumbers and zucchini noodles and some grass fed butter. It’s time to take off 30 pounds! I’m slowly edging back into #intermittentfasting but I’m ravenous because I’ve truly been eating everything and anything ??????? I’m super excited to show everyone progress pics! How’s everyone else doing on their 2020 goals? By the way, the jeans I’m wearing are my new 2020 cloud jeans and they are built for us curvy ladies, they just went live on my site… just go to the link in my bio! #weightlossjourney #weightloss #ketojourney #weightlossmotivation

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Jameson told her Instagram followers last month that she was also “slowly edging back into intermittent fasting.”

Though not directly tied to the Keto diet, intermittent fasting — which requires a person to eat within a small time frame, usually about six to eight hours, before fasting the rest of the day — is often paired with the diet.

The meal timing schedule, beloved by stars like Jennifer Aniston, has been found to have surprising health benefits. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers suggest intermittent fasting can help people combat obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and neurologic disorders.

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