For 420 straight months, Earth has been...blazin' squib

For 420 straight months, Earth has been...blazin'

The last time Earth had a month of normal temperatures — compared to the 20th century — was in February 1985. Lebron James was a crawling infant, just over a month old. Barack Obama was 24. Billie Eilish wouldn’t be born for another 16 years.

It’s now been 420 consecutive months since Earth, overall, has experienced a year of normal 20th-century temperatures, according to data collected from over 25,000 weather stations and scrutinized by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

On Thursday, the agency published data showing that December 2019 was the second hottest December in 140 years of modern record-keeping, and that the last six Decembers were the warmest six Decembers in recorded history. Read more...

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