I Found Love - and Better Lashes - in Fenty Beauty's First-Ever Mascara squib

I'm particularly stubborn when it comes to switching up my mascara. I've used the same wand for years because my little, fair eyelashes like what they like, and don't try to tell them (me) otherwise, OK? Well, unless your name is Rihanna.

After two years of patiently waiting for Rihanna-level lashes, Fenty Beauty has finally graced the world with its first-ever mascara - the Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara ($24). Just to remind you, when Rihanna launches a new Fenty Beauty product, she tends to redefine the entire category. Take the Pro Filt'R Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, for example. Available in a groundbreaking 50 shades, it set an important shade range precedent for every foundation launch going forward.

So, even though mascara is notoriously lacking in the innovation department and there's usually not much that sets a $7 mascara apart from a $37 mascara, I had high hopes that Fenty Beauty would come through.

What makes the Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara unique is a "flat-to-fat" brush, which is designed to create the type of full, voluminous, and fanned-out look I've only ever been able to achieve with lash extensions. One side of the brush is fat and features a closely packed cluster of bristles like you'd see on any average mascara wand. This side is meant to build the pigment onto your lashes while also giving them a lift. The flat side defines and curls your lashes. You can use one side of the brush on its own, or together for a more powerful equation.

I did have to swipe the wand through my lashes a good seven or eight times to build up the volume of each individual lash, but the formula didn't clump, which is a huge bonus. The result (which you can see ahead) was worth the extra hand flick, because my eyelashes fanned out and curled up from corner to corner.

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